Getting tired of following every promise of financial success on the internet?

a review of wealthy affiliate

Only to find the inexpensive and affordable programs are totally useless and ineffective?

And the expensive ones are so high priced you can’t afford them and STILL don’t offer any assurance of success!

After all, you’re here to put money in your pocket, not theirs.

The kids need braces, your spouse has to go on diabetes meds, your mom needs money to afford to stay in her house and YOU need a way to make extra income without reverting to delivering for Uber Eats.

And ALL you’re looking for is to relieve the pressure off of your bank account.  Not pad someone else’s.

There has to be a better way.

Let’s take a good look at Wealthy Affiliate and see if it passes the ol’ litmus test!

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: One Free Starter level, two paid Premium levels
Owners: Kyle, Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

What exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training and support program for beginners as well as the experienced affiliate marketer that offers hosting and free training, allowing anyone who is interested in making an online income to learn the best method available for them to earn that extra income.  They’ve been in business since September of 2005.

What is affiliate marketing, you ask?  

Affiliate marketing is a means by which someone who is familiar with a product or service can write a review or create a video in order for a consumer searching for information on that product to get up to date information.

a review of wealthy affiliate

The affiliate marketer writes a description of the product or service, including good and bad points of the product and publishes the review on a website.

The customer searches a term related to the product and reads the review, then follows the link offered in the review to purchase the product.

This allows the consumer the information they need to make an intelligent decision to purchase a product that fits their needs.

Upon purchase, the customer pays no more for the product than normal, sometimes at a discount.

The seller gets a sale they wouldn’t have gotten without the affiliate marketer’s review, and the affiliate marketer gets a small commission.

Everyone succeeds in the end with the benefit of the transaction!

What are the levels of membership to Wealthy Affiliate?

The levels of membership include the Free Starter Member Level and the Premium Level.

The Free Starter Level

The Free Starter Member Level, includes hosting for two of Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix domains and two of the member’s personally owned domains, as well as 10 free classes showing you how to get your website up and running in less than 30 seconds.

The free level also includes access to a live chat area for answers to immediate questions, private messaging to the owners of the company for 7 days, and 30 searches with the built-in keyword search tool.

The Premium Membership Levels

Wealthy Affiliate has two paid member levels, the Premium Membership, which includes 120 free classes, access to 1 website domain.  The Premium+ gives you access to 2 websites of the Premium+ Member’s personal domain names.

Wealthy Affiliate offers access to a community of successful affiliate marketers that, at last count, was in excess of 800,000 members, who also offer their own supplemental great free training.

Wealthy Affiliate offers no other higher level than the Premium+ Level, which means once you get to the Premium+ you’ll NEVER have to upgrade to some unaffordable unfathomable ultimate level in order to succeed.

A Summary of the Good & the Bad!

The Good:

  • Wealthy Affiliate offers the free starter introductory level with access to Phase One (10 lessons) of the free training and hosting for two Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix domain websites as well as two personal domains.
  • Phase One of the free training includes step by step instructions to set up a WordPress website in less than 30 seconds.
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers only ONE level of paid membership, The Premium Membership, which includes every bell and whistle offered by the platform, as well as UNLIMITED TRAINING with the Premium Membership, with no higher level available.
  • Offers hosting of 25 websites of Wealthy Affiliate’s domain, and 25 websites of the member’s own domain.
  • Offers access to an entrepreneurial community of 800,000 other affiliate marketers who are successful in the business and are more than willing to help others in the community to success.

The Bad:

  • All that training can be overwhelming, you’re going to have to study.
  • Persistence, work, and patience are required.  No more 10-hour shifts of Facebook.
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time to accomplish.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy Affiliate is geared toward helping novices of all ages who have no experience in internet commerce to become proficient and successful in the affiliate marketing industry.

Wealthy Affiliate is also great at assisting the expert in honing the affiliate marketing craft and helping the community as a whole to become successful.

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer in the way of tools and training?

Tools include Live Chat, blogging opportunities, private messaging, and access to other successful affiliate marketers.  Training includes 2 complete courses, 10 different modules, with 120 classes total of the Wealthy Affiliate produced classes.

a review of wealthy affiliate

One of the best tools offered is the community.  This is, without a doubt, the best community online to learn all about affiliate marketing.

Never is there criticism because of a stupid question because there are no stupid questions.

Training also includes FREE courses and lessons created by the best affiliate marketers in the business, the community.

These classes cover website creation and technical operation, SEO, niche ideas, monetization, content creation, as well as diverse topics from goal setting to time management.

Weekly webinars are also included in those training classes that are informative as well as entertaining on virtually every subject in affiliate marketing.

Does Wealthy Affiliate offer any other support?

Support is instantaneous, all you need to do is log in and there is a live chat, as well as private messaging with the owners themselves.  The community also offers answers to questions that have been asked in the past by other members, an FAQ.

What is the pricing plan for Wealthy Affiliate?

The Free Starter Membership is just that, FREE.  And you can stay for as long as you like with no repercussions.

The Free Membership training will get you a website up and running, and by then you’ll know if you want to continue to improve your creation with more training and opportunity included in the Premium Membership.

A discount for the first Premium month is offered for the first seven days of the Free Starter level.

Pricing for the Premium Membership is $49 a month, yearly is $389, and every year on BLACK FRIDAY the yearly price drops to $299.

*DRUMROLL* MY Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate IS:

This Wealthy Affiliate platform is well worth the time and effort.  It’s the least expensive way to learn the Affiliate Marketing business.

Initial training is free, giving the new affiliate marketer plenty of time and a taste of what affiliate marketing is before moving on to the Premium Level.

Access to other successful affiliate marketers is priceless.  Technical support is there with the online classrooms and live chat for the person who needs real-time or immediate answers.

This is a great way to try the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and start a Successful Affiliate Business!

A Review of Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Free Starter Level, One Premium $49 per month Level
Owners: Kyle, Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100


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Also, you’ll get access to other experienced affiliates, INCLUDING THE OWNER OF THE COMPANY, KYLE!   Trust me, this is going to be some AWESOME stuff.

 Getting Started, The Path To Affiliate Marketing.

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