Don’t even think about trying Affiliate Marketing until you read this.

There you are, working all the time, and you're still broke!

Plus you have no extra energy, let alone money or time, to go do fun stuff. Forget the fun stuff, you just want to be able to relax.  Like a bicycle ride, or bowling, or golf, or any number of things you'd like to try but have no money, no time and no energy because that J.O.B. takes all of your personal resources and gives you very little back.

How To Make Money On The Internet From Home

How To Make Money On The Internet From Home









Even raising the minimum wage isn't going to help.  You think that pads your pocket, but you still have no time or energy, plus they tricked you into believing everything else, including food, rent, taxes, and health insurance wouldn't go up.

While these are all costing us more, we've been dipping into our savings.  A recent study shows 58% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings.  That doesn't cover what our cousins in the UK and Canada have in savings either.  What would that 58% do if a minor catastrophe like an auto accident or a stay in the hospital for the flu should hit them?  How does a self respecting human get off of that Merry-Go-Round?

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

– Tony Robbins

You need to learn how to make money on the internet from home.  What will that get you?

Lots of extra time, because once you get that money-making internet business off the ground, you can work maybe 20 hours a week to keep it going. Although it does take some work, it isn't physically demanding.  Plus, if you choose a niche that you love, you'll be writing about something you enjoy!

You learn how to do it, you complete the tasks as they are laid out and you keep your nose to the grindstone, you'll get it done!

How To Make Money On The Internet From Home

The amount of income you can expect is entirely up to you! And it literally has no ceiling. Once you learn this internet business stuff, you can duplicate it as many times as you want.

And it does eventually become passive income. Wait, what was that I just said? I'll repeat it... It becomes a passive income. You have your website up and running and it becomes part of the fabric of the net.

How to make money on the internet from home.

People find your website from around the world.

Google pastes your website up there on the front page searches with the best of them and you get traffic from there.

Other people find out you know what you're talking about and they tell THEIR friends. It gets to the point where your website has a life of its own.

That doesn't happen right away, so you want to be consistent and persistent with publishing on your website.

So what am I talking about?

I am talking about starting a successful affiliate marketing business using the free training offered on Wealthy Affiliate. Anybody can do this. Will everybody?

No, but if you stick with it, spend as much time as you can every week on it, keep up with the lessons, and be patient, you can do this. Some people hit the ground running and start making income in the first couple of months.

Other people have more to learn, keep at it, and really start to make the big money in a year.

Still other people.... Quit. How To Make Money On The Internet From Home

They'll never make it. They'll never make it in anything. That doesn't mean they couldn't. It just means they won't stick with it long enough to see it through.

Some people work at it, let it go a while, work at it again, let it go, and finally, they SUCCEED! They didn't quit, and all of their efforts are handsomely rewarded. Because this is a lucrative business.

"Everyone goes home happy!"

What is Affiliate marketing you say?

Affiliate marketing is a means by which people searching for information on the internet about a product can find the right product for them. The affiliate marketer is familiar with a product, does a little research, and writes an honest review of the product.

How To Make Money On The Internet From Home

The review includes a link to the product, allowing the buyer searching for the information to purchase the product right after reading the review. The seller gets a sale they wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and pays the affiliate marketer a commission. The buyer gets the product that fits their needs.

Everyone goes home happy!

Who is this seller?

Any number of retailers, from Amazon to Walmart all the way down to Mom and Pop shops selling whatever product or service you can imagine.

Amazon alone has 385 million items.

How To Make Money On The Internet From Home

ShareASale works with approximately 3500 retailers from candy retailers to clothing and shoe sellers. Hundreds of thousands of retailers don't even have representative companies working for them, but they do have affiliate programs.

Who is the buyer?

This is one of approximately 4.5 billion (yes I said it correctly, 4.5 billion) people who are on the internet who use it daily, looking for the information they need. This is, after all, the information highway. And these are the people who use it.

Your customer could be a Sherpa in the middle of Nepal needing some new hiking boots, you just happen to have a review of the new Salewa boots on your Fossils In The Rocks website. FedEx delivers them 3 days later.  All you did was write a review.

How To Make Money On The Internet From Home

It could be a review of the best Holy Land Gift Shop on the planet, and your customer is a preacher in the middle of Australia. She found your review, she went to the website, purchased several gifts for the Sunday School class and voila, you get a commission!

And who is the Affiliate Marketer?

You.  You put in the time, you did the training, You created the website in 30 seconds or less. You signed up for affiliate programs and included those links in your reviews. You were persistent and stuck with it until you succeeded.

You did it exactly as the training taught, and you succeeded.

You were consistent and kept at it day in and day out until you succeeded. You learned how to make money on the internet from home. And you'll continue to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Not minimum wage, not back-breaking sun-up to sundown work. Not working weekends for a few measly overtime bucks.

"This is for a great income."

Stick with it because the rewards are great rewards!

No one can tell if you will get it off the ground in a few months, just like no one can tell how hard you are going to work at this. That is all up to you!

It's your business and the profits are yours and yours alone. It's your business and the amount of EFFORT you put into it is yours and yours alone.

How are YOU going to get this done?

My 10 step process for getting this off the ground is:

  • Go to Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Set up your initial free account, and complete your profile.
  • Start the free training, become a student of the business.
  • Keep in touch with Yours Truly, I will always be there for you (About Me).
  • Learn how to create your own website in 30 SECONDS OR LESS, then CREATE YOUR VERY OWN WEBSITE.
  • Sign up for the Premium membership with MORE FREE training.
  • Join affiliate programs with retailers in your niche.
  • Write reviews of those products.
  • Promote your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Parler, Pinterest, Quora and any other social media you can find.
  • When people buy those products, COLLECT YOUR REWARD!

It's that simple. It's not easy, you have to work at it. You have to learn a new skill or two.  You have to put in effort. But its that simple.

A few more resources for you:

Then when you get this up and running, you'll be able to ride bicycles, golf, bowl, whatever you can imagine! 

How to make money on the internet at home

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