How every beginner affiliate marketer can become a pro even if they've tried all the other programs.

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So you've spent 2022 racking your brain thinking of how to get out from under the mound of debt you're being squished by.  And while that is going on you're inches away from being laid off due to the pandemic.  The new year is here, it's time to find something to relieve that mental pressure.

You lie awake at night worrying about how you'll pay the rent or house payment and still have enough to buy the week's loaf of bread and weiners.  Because steak is way out of the budget and there is no way you could afford the baked potato to go with it.  Even though the kids are walking around LOOKING like a hot dog because you ARE what you eat!

It's time to look at a way to get out from under paying the boss's new car payments for them.

People go to the internet when they need product information, why don't we go to the internet when we want to make a boatload of CASH?  Because we don't know what we're doing.  We are AFRAID to find a new path.

***What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?***

The Affiliate Marketer is the person who offers that information. That's why we Affiliate Marketers need to make sure our product reviews are accurate and up to date.

The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020

It's also a lucrative business that can lead to a substantial income for the Affiliate Marketer.

We help people with our reviews and recommendations and we are rewarded for that. There are millions of products available for us to review, and there are 4.5 billion potential customers that we can help.

That means there is plenty of room for beginning affiliate marketers!  That is true for 2020 as much as it was 10 years ago.

Number One: How long does it take?

How long it takes depends on how much effort you put into it. Affiliate marketing is going to be your business so optimally, you'll want to put about 2 to 3 hours a day in, at least 5 days a week. If you can block that much time off every day, you're doing good, but even an hour out of every three to four hours will also work.

Consistency is the key, a post every other day is a great goal, training is important to complete in order to progress along the path. It also depends on how well you can focus your concentration in a short period of time. The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020

With the right niche, dedicated time, and a little effort, people have been known to see some income in as little as a month to two months. That is not the norm, but it can be done.

To be up to speed and have your business on the track to real success usually takes a year. Rome wasn't built overnight, but once it was built it lasted for centuries.

The trick is to be consistent, patient, persistent, work at the training and don't worry about the speed. And success will come!

Just remember, if someone tells you they have a get-rich-quick program, it's a SCAM!

Number Two: What knowledge should I have to be an Affiliate Marketer?

Some people have no knowledge of the internet, other than how to find a website, and hit the ground running. Other people have college degrees in marketing and IT and take their own sweet time to get this off the ground.

The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020

Previous knowledge doesn't seem to have a bearing on who will or won't continue with affiliate marketing. This is a business where everyone can succeed, it takes time, effort and affiliate marketing training.

The first free throw Michael Jordan ever threw didn't make it, but you can bet after some training, he can hit that hoop like nobody's business! The best knowledge to start out with isn't really knowledge but a great work ethic, and a determination to get this done!

When you have a job to do, do you go for it with all the gusto you have? You're gonna be good at this. The beginner's guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020 is all the knowledge you need!

Number Three: When is a good time to start?

The quicker you start, the quicker you will start to see progress. If it's October and you wait until November to start, that's another month you'll be waiting on your success meter to start pinging.

The best time to start is right after you get off work, and you are tired and you can barely move and it's fresh on your mind how you can make more money doing part-time Affiliate Marketing than you will EVER make working for someone else.

The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020

Everyone does this in their own time at their own speed, that clock doesn't start until you start. The worst time to start is the day after tomorrow. Because the day after tomorrow never comes. Heck, tomorrow never comes so the day AFTER tomorrow is an eternity away.

"When will YOU start this?" is the best question.  If you don't start it now, in 10 years you'll be sitting there broke, on the couch, TV remote in hand, grumbling about having 3,482 channels to choose from and thinking. "Why the heck didn't I start that affiliate marketing training when I was offered the opportunity."

You could have been steering your classic '67 Corvette into your 4 car garage right about then, coming home from a week in the Cayman Islands.

Number Four: Where can I get training?

The best training I have found and the training I swear by is the FREE training at Wealthy Affiliate. With the free membership, you get 10 modules in phase 1, divided up into 30 tasks.

This includes the cycle of affiliate income, how to create a website in 30 seconds or less, how to write good content, and how to choose your niche.The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020

THEN, after you've gotten your website up and running, you can get the first month of the premium membership at a greatly reduced rate. Then the REAL training starts. 40 modules on the next 4 phases, rounding the Online Entreprenuer Certification training off at 50 lessons.

That doesn't include the Affiliate Bootcamp Training of 7 phases and 70 lessons, which you also get by going Premium.  Plus, you get access to 800,000 other successful Affiliate Marketers who design their own free training, and the live chat room, AND the 13 other classrooms specifically designed for each aspect of affiliate marketing.

***How to create a business website for FREE***

This training BLOWS the competition away! Companies such as SkillShare and Udemy, no contest. (Let me catch my breath!)

Number Five.  Who will benefit from Affiliate Marketing?

To start, everyone from struggling college students to retirees on a fixed income can become a successful Affiliate Marketer. Auto mechanics, lawn care workers, HVAC techs, factory workers, delivery drivers, school teachers, firemen and women, nurses, store clerks. Virtually anyone who wants to make a better income. You get the point.

This is a viable alternative for anyone who is willing to learn, has a need to make some extra income that can eventually be converted to a full time income. Although working 20 hours a week for the amount of income possible is closer to being semi retired than working full time. The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020Will EVERYONE benefit? No, some people will not put in the time, they won't complete the training, they won't follow the tasks to completion and they will quit. But they will not fail. Because not completing is not failing, they made the choice not to complete the task at hand.

Which brings me to the next question.

Number Six.  Why do people not succeed in this business?

Huge question... Extremely relevant in today's internet environment. The answer is very simple. It's not easy, but it's up to each of us not to let it happen. You noticed I didn't say "fail". People do not fail in this business. They quit. And THAT is why people do not succeed.

No one ever comes up and says, "You tried and you failed, you're fired." Because no one will fire you. The absolute only reason to not succeed is to quit. You didn't finish the lessons, you didn't perform the tasks, or you didn't put in the time or effort. The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020

But you didn't fail, you just didn't succeed. You quit before you got to the finish line. If you follow the training, and you check off and perform the tasks, you'll succeed. It's up to you how long it will take and it's completely dependent on how much time and effort you put into it as to how long it will take.

Bonus Point:  How much can I make?

You could make whatever level of income you want, just by learning the ways of the affiliate marketer. Once you have one website up and running and creating income, you can expand it, or you can create another website and push it to success. The sky really is the limit.  The best way to reach that sky is to set and pursue goals such as number of posts, and number of hours worked per week.

There is NO guarantee as to ANY income. It's entirely up to the Affiliate Marketer. You could make the average of high four figures to low 5 figures per month after a year or two.

The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020So all that work you put in will eventually pay off. You'll eventually get to the point where your income will keep growing steadily until you are comfortable with what you make.

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In the present economy, a successful affiliate marketer does not have to worry about where the house payment is coming from!

And The Conclusion Is.

The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2020 was written to give the beginner an idea of what to expect when starting an Affiliate Marketing business. There are a lot of scams out there that will take your money, if they are charging thousands of dollars for their training, they are ripping people off.

If they are advertising four figure income in the first month, they are running a scam. Getting started and being successful at Affiliate Marketing should not take an arm and a leg, it's a matter of getting the basic training and being consistent, persistent and putting in the work.

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Leave me a comment, how much time would you be willing to invest to make a five figure income online?